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Community and Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities for Community Input:

Operation House Call is looking for parents of children with disabilities to talk to UCSD/Children's Hospital pediatric residents. For more information, please call Mary Ann at Exceptional Family Resource Center at 619-594-7416. 

Area Board XIII encourages people with demonstrated interest and leadership in human service activities to submit applications for appointment to the Area Board for their current opening.  Persons with developmental disabilities, their parents, relatives or guardians/conservators, and members of the public are eligible for appointment.  Read more about Area Boards at www.scdd.ca.gov. For more information, please call Area Board XIII at (619) 688-3323.

DREDF is seeking assistance in identifying any people with disabilities with complex medical conditions whose medical care is being disrupted because they are denied access to their usual Fee for Service doctor they don’t think anyone in their managed care plan has the expertise or knowledge (or accessibility) to help them stay stable? If so, please contact Silvia Yee at syee@dredf.org
Families Needed to Participate in Transition Study - Dr. Bonnie Kraemer, a professor at San Diego State University is looking for families with sons/daughters 16-24 years of age with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to participate in an interview on transition. Interviews take place in the family home (or another location preferred by the family) and last about 1.5 hours. Contact Dr. Bonnie Kraemer at (619)594-3492 or bkraemer@mail.sdsu.edu 

If your family includes a child with a developmental disability as well as a non-disabled adolescent sibling (ages 10-17), please respond to a survey examining recreation involvement in families with a child with a developmental disability. The parent and the sibling are requested to complete the survey, which will take each of them approximately 20 minutes. Results will contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between family recreation and strong families.
Survey seeking input from parents/caregivers of individuals with intellectual disabilities on their experiences with physicians, dentists, psychologists, etc. to contribute to a directory made from parent referrals connected with a new nursing program at CSUSM. For more information, please contact Eliza Bigham at 760-750-4905 or ebigham@csusm.edu.  

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer San Diego
needs volunteers for their DOORS team (Disability Outreach Offering Resources through Services). Positions include: Youth Mentor, Administrative Assistant, Computer Coach, Financial Literacy Class Teacher, and more! Increase your professional skills, meet new people, and share a talent! For more information, please contact Stephanie Taube at 858.636.4125, staube@volunteersandiego.org.
Social Advocates for Youth San Diego - Most volunteers work directly with children, but there are also opportunities for volunteers to help with office work and special events. Call 858-565-4148 x261. 
San Diego Service Inclusion Network helps communities include individuals with disabilities in community service and volunteerism. Contact Karen Leventhal at
866-698-7867 or email at kleventhal@mednt.ucla.edu. View flyer

Other Opportunities:

Job Openings for a Program and Youth Development Manager and an Artistic Coordinator at A Reason To Survive (ARTS). They are dedicated to providing, supporting and advocating for creative arts programs that heal, inspire and empower youth facing adversity. ARTS is seeking experienced, youth-focused and bilingual people for these positions. Contact hr@areasontosurvive.org

The Princess Project “Making Dreams Real” - Get a Free Prom Dress & Accessory. Annual Giveaways April 10th – April 20th, 2013. Book your appointment online at www.princessprojectSD.org [Sign up begins: March 10th, 2013] Where: Horton Plaza, Downtown; Vista Library; El Cajon Library
Things to Remember: High School ID required, Book your appointment online, Bring a female guest to help you shop. For more information or to get involved: GetaDressSD@princessproject.org

Psychiatric Rehabilitation -Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2013 semester for the Specialization and Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Through
San Diego State University, you can receive the knowledge and credentials you need to provide recovery-oriented services to individuals with mental illness. If admitted, you are eligible to earn the Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling and/or the Advanced Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Due to funding from the Mental Health Service Act and the Rehabilitation Services Administration, you may be eligible to receive a monthly stipend to help defray the cost of your degree program. View Application Procedures The DEADLINE to register with CSU Mentor is March 1, 2013 and the department application is due April 1, 2013.

Adult POINT Lab (Patient-Oriented Integrated Neurological Treatment)
The University of St. Augustine's for Health Science is requesting volunteer participants to work with students in our Neuromuscular lll Adult Advanced Evaluation and lntervention Therapy Class. Adults who have neurological conditions or are diagnosed with numbness and tingling, weakness, or balance difficulties are invited to work with our students. Mondays: MARCH 11,18, 25 & APRIL 1, 2013. Each participant is expected to attend on all four Mondays for one hour sessions between 1 :00 - 4:00 pm. Location: University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, San Marcos Campus, 700 Windy Point Way, San Marcos, CA, 92069. Building B, Rooms 208,209 & 212. Please contact Anna Edwards, PT, MA, MBA, POINT Lab Coordinator at aedwards@usa.edu or 760-591-301 2 x 2402. View Details
Pediatric POINT Lab (Patient-Oriented Integrated Neurological Treatment)
The University of St. Augustine for Health Science is requesting volunteer participants to work with our students in our Pediatric Physical Therapy Evaluation and Interventions Course. Seeking children having difficulty with gross motor skills including gait, balance and mobility: 1 month to 16 years old to participate on Tuesdays: MARCH 12, 19, 26 & APRIL 2, 2013. Each participant is expected to attend on all four Tuesdays for one hour session between 10:00 am - 1:00pm. Location: University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, San Marcos Campus, 700 Windy Point Way, San Marcos, CA, 92069. Building B, Rooms 208,209 & 212. Please contact Anna Edwards, PT, MA, MBA, POINT Lab Coordinator at aedwards@usa.edu or 760-591-301 2 x 2402. View Details
Submit online or contact Marjorie F. Olney, Ph.D, CRC, CPRP at molney@mail.sdsu.edu or (619)594-6883. 
Occupational Opportunities classes in San Diego through San Diego Continuing Education at Mid-City or Mesa campuses. Learn Job Search Techniques; Work on Communication and Interview Skills; Create a great resume; Learn about job accommodations; Develop Networking skills and Learn how to get connected with community resources. Call Jamila DeCarli at 619.388.4556.
Young Life Capernaum gives young people with mental and physical disabilities the chance to experience fun and adventure, to develop fulfilling friendships and to challenge their limits while building self-esteem through club, camp and other exciting activities. Begun in San Jose, Calif., in 1986, Young Life Capernaum Ministries is a program of Young Life especially for kids and young adults with disabilities. View short video clip of San Diego area program. capernaumsandiego.younglife.org

Parents as Advocates - The Oak Foundation has given the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) a grant to support the development of a cadre of parents of children and/or young adults with learning disabilities to act as advocates in support of public policies priorities at the federal level. The Advocacy Institute will oversee the training for cadre members as they work with NCLD on the project. The project is targeting key states for recruitment of cadre candidates. California is a key state because George Miller chairs the Education and Labor committee in the House and several other members sit on the committee. Cadre participation will include a trip to DC for training and to meet with key staffers on the Hill. For more information, contact Kim Foster at kim.foster@csun.edu

Seeking Participants and Peer Mentors -Banding Together helps teens and young adults with special needs learn the dynamics of building friendships, social skills and self expression through this pilot program involving 6 jam sessions. Volunteer peer mentors must be able to attend all six sessions. Held once a month on Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30pm starting in the fall of 2012. Location: Pioneer Day School and Learning Center, 4764 Santa Monica Ave, San Diego, 92107. To schedule a free 30-minute assessment to see if your teen or young adult qualifies, contact info@themusictherapycenter.com or at 619-299-1411.

What's Next? Mentoring Program is dedicated to pairing youth(16-26 yrs) who have an orthopedic impairment with mentors, who are successful adults
with disabilities Contact Cathy (619) 232-2727 x105 or cathy@accessiblesociety.org

Special Equipment Opportunities/Requests:

Mother of child with special needs is searching for a weighted vest or blanket. Please contact Sabrina at 760-703-2907 or Healthykidschoice.sabrina@gmail.com

Portable Feeding Pump available to a family in need. It is a tiny "Kangaroo Pet Pump" with charger and batteries. Please contact Michelle at Michellellc@hotmail.com or (619) 259 7252.
Cecily’s Closet - share tips & information, recycle special needs equipment or toys and opportunities for decorative room makeovers for children who spend much time in their bedrooms.


tHAIRapy Hair Salon is a family friendly salon for families of children with special needs. With a sensory wall, wheelchair accessible shampoo bowl & station and specially trained therapy dog. Located in the Point Loma area of San Diego.

If you would like to post information on this page, please contact us.


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