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Disability Awareness

Words are powerful and can shape one’s perception of people. A diagnosis can label a person reinforcing stereotypes as well as negating individual qualities. It is important to use positive language and accurate terminology when we talk about our children, friends and family members with disabilities … Language that reflects dignity, ability and individuality. Learn more about People First Language.


Companies Are Offering Assistance to Parents of Kids with Disabilities
Communicating With and About People with Disabilities
Demystifying the Rehabilitation Act
   What Faith-Based & Community  Organizations Need to Know About
   Using Federal Financial Assistance to Serve People with Disabilities
Disability Awareness - Frequently Asked Questions
     Disability Etiquette, People First Language, Accessibility, Disclosure
     and including individuals with disabilities in service & employment.
Etiquette for Interacting with Individuals with Disabilities
Family Resiliency
Famous (and not-so-famous) People with Disabilities
Forwarding a cause,without time to march
Guidelines for Reporting and Writing about People with Disabilities
Hank Zipper, aka, Henry Winkler
Interacting with People with Disabilities (An Etiquette Handbook)
Investing in Independence Is Good For All
People First Language
Personal Stories
Reaching Out to Children & Youth Following Disasters
Robert Rauschenberg has Dyslexia
Ten Commandments of Etiquette for Communicating with People with Disabilities
Ten Things You Can Do To Support a Person with Difficult Behaviors

Tom Cruise Gets Candid About His Dyslexia
Workplace Technologies for People with Disabilities 



Online Videos:

We're Here to Speak for Justice an online video about Californias
Regional Centers
How Far We've Come -30 min. online video about the History of the
California Regional Center System


Kids on the Block is an educational program that uses life-sized puppets to
represent children with a variety of physical and learning disabilities, medical
conditions and social problems. The puppets travel throughout San Diego
performing at schools and special programs. They speak about what it is like
to have a disability or have other social challenges.

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