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Healthy Development

It's time to change how we view a child's growth. Do you know all the ways you should measure your child's growth? We naturally think of height and weight, but from birth to 5 years, your child should reach milestones in how he or she plays, learns, speaks and acts. A delay in any of these areas could be a sign of a developmental problem.

Assure the Best for your Baby's Physical Development
Child Development Milestones birth-7 years
Developmental Milestones 0-12 months
First Signs - Early Identification & Intervention
Healthy Minds: Nurturing Your Child’s Healthy Development
Late Preterm Baby Care
Learn the Signs. Act Early
Milestone Guidelines for Premature Babies
Reasons for Concern - your child may need special help
Virtual Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development


Activities to Encourage --Speech & Language Development
Finding Help for Young Children (birth-5 )with Disabilities
Aggressive Behavior
Behavior is Communication
Building Belonging -Social Skill Development
Social-Emotional Development in Young Children


How Kids Develop
Baby Builders
California Early Start Program
California Prevention Resources & Referral Services
Empower The Village
(tutorials for caregivers)
First 5 San Diego
Infant Development Association of California
Early Childhood Mental Health
Kids Together, Inc
National Center on Birth Defects & Developmental Disabilities

In the Community:

Learning Early, Adventures in Parenting Workshops offered at no-cost in English and Spanish in the North Inland San Diego area: 877-504-2299.

Bright Start Program (The Arc of San Diego) - individualized services for families who feel their infants and toddlers could benefit from some extra assistance. This program focuses on children ages birth to four years old.

Let's Play - volunteer grandmas and grandpas bring toys & books twice a week to your home and provide play for your 1-4 year old. 858-637-3313.

FREE Developmental Screening for Children Birth to Five Years Old



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