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Kids Corner - Fun for Everyone

Fun Activities & Games:

Build a Salad with Plant Parts - recipe and shopping list
Dot-To-Dot Printables - math and telling time
Fun with Puzzles - a disability coloring and activity book
Get Up n' Go! - Make it! Do it! Cook it! Write it!
Health & Safety Activity Book - Bright Futures
Name that State
Dinosaur Word Search
Off to a Good Start - Kids Coloring & activity pages
Language Games 
Parts of the Body Word search
Travel Bingo - Four Printable Cards
Where's Buster - Geography game
Play a game for your Brain


Another Way to Go - book about catheterization, for 4- to 8-year-olds. 


Connect - online support for youth with serious illnesses.
Eat Smart. Play Hard - Nutrition information and games.
MindZone - A mental health site for teens (Cope.Care.Deal).
Zigawhat - a website for learning, connecting, growing, coping, and fun for young people with disabilities and their peers. This site is by the folks at NICHCY.
SparkTop.org by Schwab Learning - a website full of fun games and activities and kid friendly explanations of ADHD, Dyslexia and more.
Youthhood.org - For Teens: where childhood meets adulthood.
Apples4theTeacher.com - interactive games for kids, american sign language , math, literacy, science, social studies and more.
FunSchool.com - Educational games, activities, word search, crossword puzzles, printables and downloads.
Zeeks.com - Games and activities about education, food, pets,  sports, famous people, the world, music and art.
PBS Kids.org - Fun & Interactive games testing geography, math and language skills.
Surf Shack - Online resources for kids
Young People with Rheumatic Disease - information and signposting for young people with chronic rheumatic disease.
Askability - for children with learning disabilities to become  informed about current affairs. 
Bandaids and Blackboards 
Kids Health For Kids
Health Games - Fun for Kids
How The Body Works 
What are Germs?
Listen to Our Stories    
The Electric Company - by PBSkids with games, videos and printables
Zone for Autistic Children

Disability Awareness Coloring & Activity Books:

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