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Programs and Services for Individuals with Disabilities

California Children's Services - a statewide program that treats children with certain physical limitations and chronic health conditions or diseases. CCS can authorize and pay for specific medical services and equipment provided by CCS-approved specialists. The California Department of Health Services manages the CCS program.
California Department of Developmental Services - the agency through which the State of California provides services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities.
California Department of Rehabilitation - works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living and equality for individuals with disabilities.
California Disability Access – provides information on the major laws, regulations and areas of interest regarding disability rights and access for Californians with disabilities.
California Relay Service - provides specially trained operators to relay telephone conversations back and forth between people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-disabled and all those they wish to communicate with by telephone.
California State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) – established by state and federal law as an independent state agency to ensure that people with developmental disabilities and their families receive the services and supports they need. Area Board 13 (San Diego)
California Telephone Access Program - distributes telecommunications equipment and services to individuals certified as having difficulty using the telephone. Equipment and some network services are available at no charge to eligible consumers.
Center for Emerging Leadership – program that supports and educates youth and
young adults through peer-to-peer mentorship as they transition into adulthood as leaders. Ambassadors and Peer Mentors are young adults (ages 18-30) with developmental disabilities who are paid employees of the Center. They work in integrated community employment settings with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services - the federal agency responsible for administering Medicare, Medicaid, State Children's Health Insurance and HIPAA

California Self Directed Services – a state program providing a means by which individuals eligible for state developmental disabilities services are empowered to gain control over the selection of services and supports, that meet their own needs. This program will enhance the ability of a consumer and his or her family to control the decisions and resources required to meet all or some of the objectives in his or her individual program plan.
Disability Rights California - advancing the rights of Californians with disabilities.
Healthy Development Services (San Diego First 5) – provides free developmental checkups for children birth through 5 years of age, and connects children and families to needed services.
Healthy Families - a low cost insurance for children and teens. It provides health, dental and vision coverage to children who do not have insurance and do not qualify for free Medi-Cal.
In-Home Supportive Services – state program of domestic and personal care services, protective supervision, and related services for California residents who are Medi-Cal eligible and live in their own home. Supports provided so individuals can live independently and safely. Some services available at workplace too.
In-Home Supportive Services San Diego County – program to assist eligible low-income elderly and persons with disabilities in San Diego County (Consumers) to live high quality lives in their own homes.  We accomplish this by recruiting, screening, and training Individual Providers (home care workers) who are available to assist our eligible Consumers in their own homes. 

Medi-Cal - is California's Medicaid program, which is a public insurance health care program that provides health care services for low-income individuals and families who meet defined eligibility requirements.

National Center for Mental Health Services – federal program supporting the mental health needs of children, adolescents and their families at home, at school and in the community.
Office of Clients’ Rights Advocacy – a statewide office run by Disability Rights California. A Clients’ Rights Advocate is trained to help protect the rights of people with developmental disabilities.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program – assistance for households with low-income to pay their home energy bill.

Project Pendleton – seeks to strengthen military families' capacity to assist their children with developmental disabilities in maximizing their independence, productivity, integration, and inclusion into the community. 
Rx Help for Californians
- a Web site designed to help low-income, uninsured California residents get access to patient assistance programs where they may qualify for free, or nearly free, prescription medicines.
San Diego County Mental Health Adult Services - San Diego County Adult/Older Adult Mental Health (A/OAMHS) offers a wide variety of treatment, rehabilitation and recovery services to help people who are experiencing persistent and severe mental illness or a mental health crisis.
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) - Federal income supplement program to help aged, blind, and disabled people, who have little or no income.
WE Include – a state program that aims to open the door to opportunities and raise awareness of resources that address the needs of the developmentally disabled community in California. The program’s main focus is employment and key components include educational, extracurricular and service opportunities; information on independent and healthy living; crime prevention and disaster preparedness.

Women, Infants and Children Program - provides services at no cost to pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants and children under 5 years old.


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